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Pisarenko Snatch, C&J


great clip to learn the 2 Oly lifts, check out the slo mo footage.


What a freak of nature. Claims he jerked 260kg for a double, C&J'd 270kg and cleaned 280kg. This is more than anyone I've ever heard of having lifted in training, except for Zacharievich jerking 300kg, and yes, he was an excellent technician as well.


Pisarenko is one of the greats, up there with Taraneko, Krastev, and Vardanian


I know a superheavyweight is a superheavyweight but damn, he was like 20 or 30 kg lighter than Taranenko and clean and jerked 1 kg less...


The guy is such a technician and animal. Very inspiring :smiley:


Another beast was Timur Taimazov (sp?) but I can't find any video of him. Not sure if he was ethnic Russian but he came from the "eastern block" region of the world. Great lifter who seems to have had a very short career on the platform. Thanks in advance to anyone who finds a link to video of him. Good thread.


Sexy lifting.

Mantache for the win.


Insane traps on him!


In Soviet Russia...


...there are long line ups.



Insane upper body compared with today's oly weightlifters, wtf?


Could just as easily read...

Insane upper body compared with other oly lifters of the era, wtf?


KICK ASS!!! Dude's a beast! About when was that...early 80s??


Ok. But anyway, genetics?