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Piriformis Syndrome


I have a sharp pain that runs from the side of my glute down the posterior part of my left leg and stops right above my ankle.

This feeling is more recent and became appearant the last time I deadlifted.

For sometime now I have have some discomfort in my glute area, but I usually ice it up and stretch really good, and the pain fades.

I can't seem to work this one out. So far from my own research, it looks as though this is my situation.

Anyone have any opinons or ideas to help me work this out?


Anything involving the back, or that gets worse because of squats or deadlifts, concerns me.

I'd say get checked out. Until you do so, back off.

I know nothing about this stuff, so I may be talking out my butt, but you want to make sure you aren't pressuring the spine, bulging a disk or anything like that.


Fellow Piriformis Syndrome sufferer here. I've had it for over 5 years. When it was really bad I had to stop all Deadlifting/squatting type activities as well as running. Stretching was bad for me. Long distance hikes were good but short ones bad. I had to get past a certain point for it to start getting therapeutic.

It was (and still is) helpful to sleep with a heating pad. I've got one with a timer so it goes about an hour. If I wake up in the night I'll flip it on for an additional hour. I don't use the pad anymore in the warmer months. Vibro message helps. Anti-inflamatories help a little. Cortisone injections were absolutely worthless for me. Physical Therapists made it worse. Active release was no good.

I'm now at a point where I can run a full sprint and I can squat light. I do overhead squats so it feels like I'm working harder but I'm not using a weight that make my ass scream. Wait, that didn't sound very good... makes my piriformis scream. That sound better.

I sure hope something of that is helpfull. If you find anything that is works, please let me know.


Get is checked out by a doctor. I thought I had this too and it ended up being herniated disc.