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Piriformis Syndrome


Not sure where exactly to post this one, so here goes.

Went to the specialist recently and was diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome and thought I'd come on here and after doing a bit of independent research and find out if anyone knows anything about rehab for this specific condition? Some of the stated information I could find was to strengthen the core/rear chain, stretch the hip flexors/glutes, get deep tissue massages, get rest and get physio as possible options.

What I was wondering was if anyone could recommend specific exercises/stretches for this particular problem?


Get your ass on a lacrosse ball. No, really...

following this kind of soft tissue work, make sure you stretch 3-4 times a day to make the changes to the tissue length permanent.


What he said....had this for a few months until I did this. Hurts like a bitch but works so who cares.