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Piriformis muscle tightness?

I was doing deadlift this monday 130kg x 5 and didnt feel any pain during my sets, but when I was done i felt really “pumped” in my left lower back/tail-bone. And now Ive felt this small sensations in my buttocks to hamstring. Im thinking it might be piriformis muscle that got really tight perhaps, my left leg has a tendancy to be really tight compared to my other leg.

I think it muscular, since its prolly a swollen muscle thats preassuring on my nerve o/s.

any inputs?

and is this a simple rule, if its not hurting, keep lifting? ofc with good form.

thanks in advance

If you think it’s a strain than ice it, take some NSAIDs/fish oil/whatever and take it easy. If not and you feel it’s just tight, take a lacrosse ball and hammer that area for 2 minutes each side.

Well the pain is gone now, but i think ill focus more on technique this coming week in squat and dead. I did some stretching this weekend and my discomfort in my back is gone, so Its prolly just tightness.