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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


I saw this movie today in the afternoon. It was awesome! I felt like a kid again and wanted to be a pirate. Johnny Depp did a great job in playing Capt Sparrow and so did the rest of the acting crew. In movie. Well scripted also. Don't missed. I think its going to be an overlook movie by most people. But I highly recommed this one. Probably, one of the better movies this summmer so far.


I agree completely. Johnny Depp was absolutely fantastic as Capt Jack Sparrow. A great movie for adults and kids. I will see it again.


I definitely want to see it, really, I do. I just moved to a new city, so I don't have anyone to go with. Poor me :frowning: Oh well, I'll find someone.


I am with you on that sully!


PATRICIA..What do you think???

Jwright..going by yourself isn't as bad as you think..especially a late movie..you have the place to yourself!!


Saw it tonight. This movie kicked ass. I was always big into pirates and such when I was younger though, so I could be a bit biased. Funny thing was, I spent most of the movie just trying to figure who the girl was. I turned to my buddy and said "That girl looks dead on Natalie Portman", but I knew it wasn't her. When I got home and checked IMDb it turned out I was at least on the right track...she played the decoy queen for Padme in Episode I! I thought that was kind of cool. I'm a loser, I know.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I've heard on more than one occasion that this movie is actually part of a trilogy...does anyone know if there's any truth to this? Or is it just rumor? I would love to see more of this film. It was left pretty open in the end. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom have great chemistry, IMHO.


I might go see the movie just to see more of that monkey they keep showing with the insane expression and laughing sound it makes. its in the macdonalds commercials too... I don't know why but it's funny EVERY TIME!!!


I haven't seen the movie yet but will this week. As to a trilogy, I haven't heard that, either but I read an article in which Depp says he'd like to act in a sequel "if there is one".

Check out the story at:


I guarantee there will be a sequel. Guarantee

Haven't seen it yet. Been a wee bit busy. However, will be seein' this one fer sure. Just too much fun to pass up and I'd rather see it on the big screen. You know, how there's some movies that are better to wait for DVD or cable and others that NEED to be seen on the big screen?

Johhny Depp: the most underappreciated actor in H-Town. He's always surprising.

As for the chick: Keira Knightley was just in "Bend It Like Beckham".


Yeah, I noticed Knightley was in Bend It... when I looked her up on IMDb. I played soccer in high school, and still love to follow the Cup, but that movie looked a little too "chick-flickish" for me. I'm actually very open-minded about movies (having a girlfriend who likes chick flicks makes you that way sometimes :-), but that one just seemed a little much. On another note, IMDb also said Knightley is filming King Arthur right now. Know anything about that Patricia? Camelot stories, books, and movies were another one of my faves growing up. Would love to see a decent update to the saga...


while at imagineering, they had the 50th anniversary for imagineering. They opened the Pirate's Ride after park hours. They had open bar, catered food, and some of the imagineers who initially designed it were there. . .we got to go on it with the imagineers.
Imagine riding POTC while double fisting Killian's sitting next to the legends who worked on Haunted Mansion and Pirates.



As a matter of fact, I do know about this new version of "King Arthur" begin filmed. It will be partly based on, "Le Morte d'Arthur" of which "Excalibur" was based on.

However, while "Excalibur" had more magic/mysticism involved, this version will be more realistic (despite the fact that Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer), and will carry a "hard" R-rating as it will also be focusing on epic battles. Locations that were used for "Excalibur" will be used for this version, too.

The actor portraying King Arthur in this version, is Clive Owens. Director is Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and written by David Franzoni (Gladiator).


Oh damn, now you just made me mad that I even found out about this movie so early in production (I don't like to wait). I'm very familiar with both "Le Morte..." and Excalibur (of course, what true geek isn't?). With that cast and production crew you just mentioned, this has some MAJOR potential. Training Day and Gladiator are two of my favorite movies, and Bruckheimer, though a lot of his movies have that cheesy pop-culture action flare to them, just has a certain appeal. I can't help but like a lot of the stuff he's touched. I've also always felt that Excalibur has some of the best scenery in movies. So now could you make it even worse for me, Patricia, and tell me how long I get to wait for this one?


Pirates was a great movie - just saw it. A bit long, but very good.


Saw it last night with my son, just opened here, it was great.

How good is Orlando Bloom? He has done some neat flicks since he left drama school, LOTR, this and is in Troy as well from memory. Has a pretty good future IMO.

Johnny Depp rocks, wierd as, but so cool. Does his own thing.