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Piranha's DC STFU and Lift

Been doing DC now for about 1.5-2 months. Figured I’d start up a log like every other person on here. Height: 6’1". Weight: 245lbs. 21 Years old. 3rd week into my second Blast phase. Gonna start carb cycling soon to get in shape for Winter. Don’t ask. I’m one of the guys who grows his hair out in the summer, while shaving it in time for winter. Maybe I should move to Australia.

(August 17th, 2009 numbers)

Barbell Curl 125lbs for 8,4,1 RP
Reverse Curl 80lbs for 8 SS
Standing Calves 220lbs for 7 SS
Sitting Ham Curls 180lbs for 10,7,7 RP
Leg Press 810lbs for 12 SS, 16 WM

— Edit –
For those of you who don’t know what DC (DoggCrapp) Training is, here are some links:
dc-training.blogspot.com/ (Unofficial Guide)

Here it goes…

Flat Dumbbell Press 115s for 12,6,2 RP
(Chest Stretch with 60s for 45seconds)
Smith Shoulder Press 1plate,25lb for 11,5,3 RP
Close Grip Bench Press 225lbs for 11,3,6 RP (off since I needed to wait for spotter)
(Tricep stretch with 60 dumbbell for 1 minute in each hand)
Close Grip Chin-ups (Body Weight: 245lbs) for 15,6,4 RP
T-Bar Rows 2plate,25lbs for 15,5,4 RP