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What has been your guys’ experience with this supplement? What dosage did you find most effective for improved cognitive function?

On a side note, has anyone noticed a feeling of “brain fog” when taking Piracetam? I took a serving of Power Drive w/ 1.6g of Piracetam on Saturday and I couldn’t concentrate for anything. I actually felt somewhat stoned. Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve taken 1g of piracetam along with 200 mg aniracetam, and some lecithin and ginkgo. Tried it for a few days; didn’t really notice that much in terms of improved cognitive function. However, retrospectively, I realized that I was noticably more talkative, witty, and insightful. This could have been the placebo effect. I’m sticking with caffeine because it, as a stimulant, seems to enhance cognitive function better for me, and having once consumed way too much coffee (approximately a gram of caffeine, with little tolerance at the time), I know for sure that it has an effect.
Plus, piracetam, etc. tastes pretty friggin bad.