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does anybody know more about this supplement? i've heard it's been around for 'quite a while' (like, the 1960s)

does it work for you? if so, how?
what dosage do you use?

is there a Biotest equivalent (planned) for it?

and, most important, are there ANY drawbacks (especially long-term)?

thanks in advance


Gave it an 8 week try as it is said to take a while to see effect. Well 8 weeks wasted.

Back to ye old reliable. Power Drive, coffee, and Spike when needed.


Did you stack it? I hear that its good in a stack (almost neccessary acually) with choline. If you don't stack with choline (which Power Drive contains) you can get a headache due to using up the choline.

It would also be interesting to stack piracetam with antiracetam. I hear pramracetam is "the shit" tho (in a good way).


I've been doing some research on Piracetam the last few days (when I find the time).

From what I've gathered so far, I can find reasons why it may not be as beneficial to us younger guys, as it is for those 40, 50+.

I've heard that Piracetam used to be a popular drug amoung US politicians in the 70's, however, they made it available only by perscription to the public as a way to decrease its use. Looks like you can order it online now no problem.

Check out Modafinil. A drug that the US "may" be giving to troops to increase mental alertness, memory, focus and make it easier for them to stay awake for long periods when needed.

I'm going to continue my research and would love any feedback, or information on any of these.


I've just started using Piracetam + Powerdrive for school purposes (ie, 2 days) and am slowly finding the right dose. The effects aren't intense or profund, but I'm goinna wait a week or 2 before I make any final judgements.

I think Nooropics like Piracetam are somewhat synergistic and best in a stack.

You can get these things for cheap bulk & in powders from some sites.

PM me if you want the site.


Piracetam, alcar, green tea, ribose make for a nice stack. I've used piracetam and once you find the right doseage it works well, but as it was mentioned it takes a few weeks for the piracetam to kick in. However, when you stack it with the other things I mentioned you get an effect right away. probably not for the piracetam though. Not until you've been on it for 3 weeks or so.


I've heard that an "attack dose" of 10 grams for one or two days helps this.

I'm kinda worried about ALCAR and free radicals. Am I unjustified in my worries if I'm an occasional user?

(btw, i do have ALCAR)