Has anyone tried Piracetam to increase mental focus? What were your results? Bill or Chris, do u have any experience with this nootropic?

I have used Piracetam in rather high doses (4200 mg/day, and up), both with and without Hydergine (which is supposed to be synergistic). I can’t really notice anything from taking it. If you need a short-term mental boost for something like a Final Exam in college, try chewing nicotine gum–really!

Yeart: I have used piracetam from doses of 2400-4800mg, and feel that it does help to improve OVERALL mental clarity, but never felt that it gave me a “super-boost” in immediate concentration. However, I have also taken the analogs of piracetam, which are pramiracetam and aniracetam (they should be taken together because they are synergistic) and they seem to keep me a bit sharper, if such a thing can truly be quantified. Try both and see which one works best for you. Hope this helps.