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Piracetam Banned?


Went to the local Hippy-dippy vitamin store on the way home, to pick up a bottle of Piracetam, only to have the scruffy pencil necked clerk tell me they would no longer to be carrying it due to it being banned.

First I've heard of this and I'm royally pissed off about it, assuming it is true and not a load of bull given me by weed-smoking marathon boy. Seems like every time I find something like this that works, it gets pulled(!). Anyone heard anything about this?....


That doesn't sound right. You can get it pretty much anywhere online. The racetams seem like very unlikely candidates to be banned anyway.

Review of piracetam at amazon.com:

"I used to buy Piracetam in pills, but this powder have a funny smell. Hopefully I don't die."


That would suck. Hopefully hippy boy just smoked too much ganj...lol



Can't get it in Australia less you have a prescription.

Apparently, any drug that makes you smarter and live longer should be restricted to those who have a pocket-doctor under their control.

I read somewhere that it was banned on the basis that it gives those who can afford the drug and unfair academic / workforce advantage versus those who can not, and would thus serve to perpetuate the gap in socioeconomic class over a long period of time, or something along those lines.

Seems like a very unlikely reason, but its the only one that works with the 'lets ban piracetam' argument.


Hahaha. Didn't know nootropics were the difference between poverty and wealth. The next time I meet a homeless man, instead of a dollar I'll give him some strange white powder.


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But it used to be.

A few years ago, piracetam was implicated in the positive regression of many symptoms of Down syndrome. My mother used to spend >$500 a month having it shipped in from Canada to treat my youngest brother. Before he hit puberty, that powder made him a different person; he was sick less, he communicated more effectively, he was in a better mood. He had improved coordination and fine motor control, which led to him learning sign language much more quickly.

So yeah, ban that garbage. Why have something that can have an immediate and obvious benefit in the common man available? What do they want, to improve the quality of life? Fuckers.

I've taken the pira available from places like Bulk Nutrition, and have felt marginally better, but I noticed anxiety as a side effect. I've been following the noop thread since the first page, so I'm looking into centro and ani.


Piracetam has not been banned, but tehnically is not dshea compliant as it was not previously sold as a supplement prior to 1994, nor is it found in the food supply. Pretty sure anyways.


More info here....


You are in Arnoldfornia, so keep us posted on anything you hear...My twirps have dried up my supply over the counter at least...|:frowning:


Still can't find any...On my last bottle...Help a Brotha' out here?...


I looked on Wiki and it has the brand name of Nootropil in Europe, hope that helps.

Better than that stuff is eating a diet HIGH in quality Omega 3's.


Are you serious? A simple google search brings me over 500 vendor results.


Please tell me that someone was lying to me when they said that GHB banned and made a schedule 1 drug. Now it's been rescheduled with a new name of Xyrem. The only catch it now
costs you at least 500 bucks for a month supply.

Of course, it has no bad side-effects, unless you consider higher GH levels, stronger libido and sound sleep as side effects.

It's quite orwellian. So many drugs that are legal are bad for you....and a lot of the illegal (or expensive beyond reach for most people) are the healthy ones. Go figure!


Actually, GHB shares two catagories. If you get brand name, its a schedule 3. But if you get GHB, it is a schedule one. Same exact shit, different name, one is made by a corporation, one is made by a chemist. Oh, and expect to pay $700-$1200 a month so you can sleep at night if your a narcoleptic. But if you were to make GHB yourself, it would cost you about $200(setup mostly). And it would cost around $20-30 to make enough doses for about 3 months. Fucking govt bullshit. Read the Numbers:
$2100-3600 for 3 months of brand name or $30(+$200 for setup - 1 time fee) for 3 months of make it yourself.(Purity is very high as long as you know what your doing and it ain't too hard)

wiki quote:

The sleep is supposed to be awesome. Some state that 4 hours of sleep(you must redose every 4 hours due to dopamine rebound - it causes one to wakeup), is similar to 10 hours of normal sleep.

While GHB can be addicting, I don't really think schedule 1 appropriate. You must abuse this shit a lot to get addicted: Physical dependence develops when GHB is taken on a regular basis (i.e., every 2-4 hours for multiple consecutive days or weeks)). It is given a very bad rep and many people are misinformed - Lady that works for the school district that teaches about drugs was telling the class that GHB is tasteless. I had to correct her, as the taste is nearly impossible to cover up.


I have never heard of this stuff.

Piracetam that is.

Where exactly do you guys buy the bulk powder ??