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Piracetam Ban from FDA?


Cross-posting from another site ATM, will update if anything new pops up there.

Can't assess the validity of the poster(s) below, but it seems that the FDA is starting to take steps towards banning Piracetam by classifying it as a drug rather than a nutritional supplement.

Will try to keep this thread updated.



Got an email from smartpowders today:

"The FDA has recently informed retailers and distributors that Piracetam is being marked as a drug. That it is not legal to sell as a dietary supplement. Smartpowders.com was informed of this on Monday August 30th, 2010. We have been given 15 days to respond to this letter from the FDA. "


i just posted an identical post. haha. get it while u can i guess


does this go for the other racetams too?


i dont beleive so. not yet anyway. oxy and ani are still on sale at smart powders. byt i have a feeling if pira wen, then oxi and ani arent far behind. so im stalkin up.


me too, but dont you think they would go for the stronger racetam's first?


well they're not banning it because they think it's dangerous. they're banning it so the can make it a controlled substance and then sell it as a drug and make billions off it. Piracetam is the oldest of the racetams and has had way more studies done on it. That's my take on it anyway.


Piracetam is the most popular one as far as I know, so I think they can use the rationale that piracetam has the 'most potential for harm in the greatest amount'.