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Pipes' Journey to Nationals

This past June i took USAPL New Jersey state championships and also qualified for Nationals in June 2008. Im very excited at this achievement and looking to place very high. I also will go to the USAPL Halloween Havoc competition in Oct. before then just because i love the competitive atmoshpere. 

I weigh 157 and cant give direct max stats but i do all my training without any equipment except for singles a couple weeks before my competition. This is my workout from yesterday. I do 3 total body sessions a week.

Back Squat: 3x5-355 for 7 last set.(surprised me)
Bench Press: I segmented these to help get through a plateau. segments with 3’s: 270-3 wrist wraps touch and go
DB shoulder presses: 4x6 65lb
Weighted dips: 90lbs-4x6
Drag Curls- 3x8-65lbs.
DB Decline press-4x6 85lbs.
Barbell Rows- 3x10 165
Chin-ups- 4x10 BW
DB Holds- 95lbs. (biggest ones at gym)

I work out kinda half-hazardly, although i get by through lucky genes and a really hard work ethic. I plan to lift up into 165 at the 18-19 age group. Any advice and encouragement will be much obliged including some constructive criticism. Ill keep posting until then.

good luck and nice work so far


Today’s WOrkout was pretty slow, knee straight shot from monday.

Incline Barbell Press: 3x5-240
Front Squats: 4x6-275
DB Incline Press: 4x6-85 lbs.
Barbell Rows 3x10-185
Barbell Curls:3x5 115

Then worked abs and went out for a jog with a fine young lady…today was ok, been gettin tickles in my joints, prob take the upcoming week or week after off of training bbecuase i will be shopping for college anyway