Pipe Dream

Okay, although most used to consider this a ‘pipe dream,’ we all know that–especially with the right supplements–you can “recomp” body mass, i.e. gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Many–myself included-- have done this successfully. Nonetheless, I still don’t feel clear on one point. Basically, what I’m tryin to acertain is, where exactly does PH/Steroid/what-have-you-dieting leave your metabolic rate? Normally, dieting causes it to down-regulate, but if you’re actually gaining lean mass, then I would think it would be up-regulating to a small extent. But can this type of upregulation occur when you’re hypocaloric? Obviously androgens will cause upregulation, but you’ll inevitably discontinue use so I don’t really consider this to be a factor.

Has anyone ever heard of any studies/tests (I’m doubting any exist, but hey, it’s possible…) on this sort of phenomena? Since one can’t accurately “feel” their in vivo metabolic rate @ rest (well, you can make some minimal guess-work about what your thyroid’s doin’ based on temp/heart rate but that’s far from optimal…), I’m just wondering if there are any other ways to guage the effects of recomping on one’s metabolism.