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PIP on Right Glute

I have been switching injection sites between left and right glute. Everytime in my right glute i get PIP for around 4-5 days not super painful but its there whenever i inejct in my left I feel fine the next day. Any idea why this would happen?

You might not be as good with your right hand at injecting vs your left and the needle is getting jostled around. Maybe you’re injecting too fast into the right side. Maybe you’re not quite hitting the same spot on the right vs the left. Maybe you have different muscular development on each side. Maybe the nerves are spaced differently. Maybe you keep your wallet in your right rear pants pocket and the pressure off sitting on it all day irritates that glute. :man_shrugging:t4:


Vet sort of already said what I was going to but I will say it anyways I slightly different words. Actually I will use an example. My right glute I have to be careful with. Once earlier in my journey I thought massaging the site post injections was a good idea, I now think that just irritates and possibly makes the actual PIP in some cases. I think my right glute is different because of 1 my wallet, 2 getting in and out of a car, plus sitting on the wallet in a car seat (they are different than normal chairs). You wouldn’t think getting in and out of the car would make a difference but if you start to think about how many times you do just on a normal day, then if you have or had a job like mine where it was years of car time, literally. Then some on even development would be understandable.

I will add in some personal ways I choose to hit my glutes. First I do it after a hot shower, I’m clean, relaxed, ect… Then if I am going right glute I go and lay on my left side. I completely lay out on my bed, a sofa could work if long enough. Then I make sure my legs are sort of laid out in a manner where I can physically feel that the glute is totally un-engaged. Then I wipe the site and inject with the syringe essentially being at a perfect 90 degree angle to the ground, just straight down. You will have to play with how you lay out to make this work. I have found this returns the best results in regards to avoiding PIP. Even if I feel the injection, and there is a site where I don’t even feel the needle poke me, then I can stop injecting and re-relax and proceed again.
That whole standing up and trying to hit your glute is for the birds. Even if you try to relax your glute is still engaged in order to hold you upright. Just a recipe for extra tearing in my mind.

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