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PIP/Infection Question


Immediately after my last injection (500mg test, 200 decca) to the right glute (upper quadrant) i developed a rather tight knot, a bit more so than the last few injections. I did inject rather quickly, and i reckon that ignorance is what got me good. Anyways, originally it was a big ass lump, tight as all get out. Got red, and a bit warm, flash forward to day 3, swelling appears to be lessening, but the redness is still there although it’s not all that bright. Now here’s what’s odd, on a scale of 1-10, the pain from this is like 1/10 or a 2/10 if i press on it decently hard.

My irl friend doesn’t think it’s an infection, but agrees to keep with me in keeping an eye on it? What are y’alls experience with infections and abscesses? This is my first cycle, and i’ve heard infection are usually extremely painful so i’m kind of confused as to if this is an infection, or if this is stemming from injecting too quickly. Also worth noting, the first time i went to pin, i landed on a vein but noticed when aspirating and withdrew and what not. After a couple of minute of mental prep i managed to not hit a vein, but injected quite quickly… Form of test is Test cyp if that matters too much.

Thanks for your time guys.


I answer this question to newbies every couple of weeks, so try the search function on this site, before posting questions.
Long story short, its not an infection, nothing to be concerned about providing its not effecting your mobility.


This question gets answered all the time… Foreign oil injected into muscle= unhappy muscle. give it time. your body just doesn’t know how to handle it yet…


What @moosejuice0311 said and what length of needle? You may not have been fully into the muscle. I know I’ve done that once or twice and I just so happened to be in a rush and injected quickly. Give time, it will go away and no damage.