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PIP: How to Relieve Pain?

Ok so back ground virgin muscles as fuck

Administered two shots
first last Sunday quad
Second Wednesday shoulder

Pip was excruciating to say the least was only able to train two days this week

I’m assuming it’s just the eo content of my gear because I did have test flu and all the bs like night sweats and that shit

I just wanna know what fucking helps the pain subside

Ice pack & advil. It will pass in 3 days. If this was test prop never pin prop in yur leg

I’m running test e 300 and I’m on day 6 on my thigh and day three of my shoulder

The thigh has subsided a lot like I know it’s there but it’s not horrible anymore

The should is a different story can barley move my arm

How muscular are your shoulders.

Regardless pinning shoulders is probably not the best idea for a beginner. And even more of a bad idea if your shoulders aren’t jacked. (il elaborate on that real quick I believe if the oil has more muscle to absorb into the chance of pip is less I have no scientific research for this just my bro opinion)

Try your glute or if you think you can wether the thigh keep going there. Your pinning twice a week you don’t have to jab yourself in every muscle possible.