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PIP, Half My Arm Went Red

Okay so I posted earlier about PIP and a extremely painful experience pinning in my glute. I have Test E @ 500mg per ML and Deca E @ 300mg per ml. Someone mentioned it’s a high concentrate to be putting into the muscle… So I dropped it down and did half a CC into each delt (my usual pinning spot) left arm was money. No PIP. Now my right delt swelled up, got real hot, hard, and about half my upper arm had a red mark covering it. I’ve never had such a bad experience with a cycle. Broke a fever last night. Have never sweated in my sleep so much. Have a feeling it has to do with my arm. Swelling is down today as is the redness and pain. Wondering if I just hit a bad angle or what. Almost at the point of scrapping this gear and getting new stuff. REALLY want to avoid that though.

Bro it doesn’t matter if you put a half cc or a quarter cc your still pinning gear that is ridiculously concentrated. Go get your self some GSO and cut that shit man.

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The only issue I have with the concentrated gear is I’ve run the Test E @ 500mg per ml in previous cycles and have never had an issue. First time running deca and all hell has broken loose when it comes to pinning. Is deca @ 300mg per ml really that high?

Well this isn’t a previous cycle this a the cycle your running now and these problems are happening now so figure out a NOW solution.

Im not big into speculating which compound is causing it etc. You have a simple problem that that has a simple answer. Cut the test in half with oil and cut the deca by 1/4.

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You bruised it when you injected too. That’s a nasty looking lump. Is it still warm to the touch?

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It’s a little warm, not too bad. Yeah I’ve never bruised when pinning. So I don’t what my deal is this time around. Or why I had zero PIP in my left delt and my right delt went to shit. Pinned on Tuesday. Supposed to pin again today but kind of stand offish because I don’t know where the problem is.

Jesus christ I’m done.

Best of luck bro

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Like @zeek1414 said, high conc tend to cause problems, especially in virgin muscle. You either replace your gear or try cutting it with some sterile oil. Just make sure you maintain sterility

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The bruising would lead me to believe that you hit a blood vessel during your injection which bled a bit for a while afterwards. Personally I don’t know why folks keep running high concentrations.Sure you have to inject less volume but is it really worth it when each pin leaves you too sore to sit?

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Well I am about almost to complete my cycle and each injection has chance of such pip

For example last week I did get a whole week of seoius pain in my left delt however there were no pip my right

Also my left glute got swollen in next injection meanwhile there were no pip in my right glute

I split 1ml 250mg sustanon into half and do split injection into right and left glute or delt

But delts are best to Take in injections from my experience. So my advice is since yours very concentrated at least split into half and inject into delt or glute.

Went ahead and bought the GSO. Just want to make sure I can just pull 1.1 of this GSO and the test/deca and pin. O don’t really trust or want to mix everything into a new vial.

Damn I’m kinda helpless as far as advice goes now lol. I just know you can cut it to help reduce pip I have no idea if that can be done by mixing in same syringe or not.

Yeah I’ve seen one or two threads that say you can. Just hoping for a few more haha

I mean using basic logic. If you pull 1ml of test that’s 500mg then pull 1ml gso you would then have testosterone that is dosed at 250mg/ml right?

I could be 100% wrong but that’s what my thoughts are.

[edit - got it)