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PIP from First Cycle Injection

First time pinning PIP pinned 175mg of test E monday in delt have slight redness/sorness down by bicep is this virgin pip or should i be concerned.

pic is of injection site circle and redness box

You are supposed to inject into a muscle.

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i thought i did and checked that no blood before injection. sorry for dumbass questions still new and trying to learn did a ton of research but good ole search bar aint giving me much in the way of scuffed injections.

I am going to be honest, it was a smart ass comment because it appears you maybe jumping the gun on using gear. Your vocab usage tells me you are probably in your early 20’s which can be supported by lack of muscle development in the the Bi’s and Delts area.

Pip is just that. There is usually nothing to worry about until fevers and redness that spreads. I would then be worried about infection. Infection redness that moves will always be towards the heart. I am not talking about just expanding in diameter due to inflammation. Ice and Ibuprofen will help. There is also no need to aspirate before injecting.

i figured it was a smartass comment and mid 20’s yes. Is it to early most likely but seeing how the redness moved down onto my arm hopefully its nothing to worry about. But regardless ill take the Ibuprofen advice

It’s normal, I’ve recently changed gear and it has a different carrier oil. I had this happen a couple weeks ago, redness down my arm and quite sore. If it’s virgin muscle that’s likely what it is.

I agree with @newbvet here. Looks like you’ve jumped the gun on your gear journey. Honestly people that start using AAS before they know how to train and eat look like shit. I see them all the time at the gym, they are strong but don’t know how to perform lifts correctly and they look disproportionate, big shoulders, traps, chest and small arms, legs and abs/obliques.
Don’t be one of those guys.

this was cottonseed oil you you recommend changing oils if this is reaction? or dose it get better with time.

I’ve never had cottonseed oil before, the carrier oil in mine is MCT. My last 2 shots were a lot less painful so my body is likely getting used to it.

Again, if it’s virgin muscle that is likely your problem. Your putting a foreign body into a muscle.

One tip that might help is to heat your vial a tad before using it. I use the hot water from the tap in a small container and sit the vials in it. Just enough water that the vials sit upright without floating/falling over. They don’t need to be in there for long, they only need to be warm, not hot.
Make sure you always use an alcohol wipe to wipe the top of the vial and let it dry before drawing into your syringe.

Thanks, for the advice and I do my best to wipe the vial and injection sites well.
Will try heating the vial to see if it helps

If you end up with an infection a bit of pip will be the least of your worries.