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PIP - Extreme Soreness

Hey guys, so I was just curious about post injection pain. Is it suppose to feel extremely sore for the first time using UGL gear? I’m not like limping or anything, just sore as a mfer. When I touch the glute area it is like a knot.
Just let me know what you guys think.

More than likely. Short esters and concentrated doses hurt more.

Lol welp, this isn’t my first time using gear. Just a new guy and a new ester. Gonna be fun to see how much it hurts

What are you using and what ester?

Most guys get a lot of pip when they are new to gear. I remember when I would get pip from test enanthate. Now im humbled by the PIP from injectable winstrol. The primo I’m running right now also gives some bad pip but it’s brewed at 200mg/ml . If you don’t think you have an infection then I wouldn’t worry about it

It depends on whether the pain is like a bruise, or if its debilitating?

What type of UGL gear is it? What is the concentration, ie mg/ml? How many mls?

UGL sustanon often gave me PIP, and a noticeable deposit that felt like a lump.

Test cyp, 250mg ml

Contains ethyl oleate, BA

I do .5ml every mon/thurs

I mean I can’t stretch the mussels without ridiculous resistance and pain. I’m not limping but I definitely feel like it’s a torn/pulled and maybe bruised sensation. I don’t think it’s infected. Would be devastating

Cypionate, ugh. I had doctor prescribed Cyp for 8 weeks before and I did not have issues…
It was 100mg/ml. Used it for 8 weeks for trt but now I’m going hardcore and got UGL for another 4 weeks until I’m off and really don’t understand why this hurts a fuck ton lol.

Probably gonna swap other to enanth for the last 4 weeks, my guy said it could be because of what you said. So.

Ethyl Oleate is likely to be the culprit. That stuff will fuck you badly, if you have a bad reaction to it. Lucky you didn’t put it in your quads you wouldn’t be able to bend your leg, let alone squat.

EO is usually found in 400mg/ml gear or higher concentrations. Its not needed for 250mg/ml of test. The only way around this is to get some fresh gear, that doesn’t contain EO.

The gear for my first cycle had EO in it, worst cycle of my life, I don’t know how I made it through.