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Pioneer Gear? IPF Says No Pay, No Bueno

Here we go…

I think someone was after one of these, this may have an impact on that decision

SBD belt is better anyways.

When the IPF is trying to take over the world and you just along for the ride

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Don’t you live in Australia? No IPF for you.

This is old news. Metal single ply gear was removed because they refused to pay the fees for it, the only paid for equipment allowed in raw meets because raw is overtaking equipped and most of their gear sales are to lifters in non-retarded feds.

IPF recently accepted APU (Australian Powerlifting Union never heard of them before) as a provisional member. Hail hydra.

Boycott them. Show up at a meet and burn an effigy of Gaston Parage.

*wearing full SBD kit from socks to belt. Tie to an Eleiko with SBD knee wraps and burn it atop a stack of IPF approved racks with an Eleiko platform under it all

Sounds expensive lol. Know any millionaires with a grudge against the IPF?

Tbh I’m still waiting for the dust to settle. My Australian intelligence resources tell me it may not be over yet with Wilks not really being one to give up.

Wherever/whenever the dust may settle I’ll probably sign up with them for my first meet

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You know what, I was looking at PLwatch last night and it has something about a USPA approved gear list. I looked into it, the manufacturers have to pay a fee but it’s in the hundreds rather than thousands like the IPF. USPA/IPL sounds alright and I was planning on eventually competing in their meets here in Canada, hopefully they don’t go the way of the IPF.

On the plus side, all belts and singlets are allowed and a wider variety of brands are allowed. However, some things that are allowed in the IPF aren’t USPA-approved. For example, Inzer Gripper wrist wraps aren’t an the list but the knee wraps are, I imagine it’s just that they didn’t want to pay the fee. I squat with gripper wrist wraps, the stiff SBDs wraps I use for bench don’t work well for squatting. Also, Titan Yelow Jacket knee sleeves are not allowed in the raw division on classic raw (aka raw w/ wraps) and their equipped divisions. I find that odd, from what I have heard they are equal to SBD sleeves except that they are easier to get on, do they really add that much to a squat that they should be on the same level as knee wraps?

Gotta say I’m glad companies aren’t buying into it. I have a pioneer belt and love it. I’m not in to lifting to pay for someone to watch me. I’m into it to put up numbers and hopefully one day get some cash out of the deal.

Side note at my uspa meet I took best lifter and got some supplements, some gear and $50 so I guess that makes me a pro athlete by definition right.

Only if you can live off less than $2 a day

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2 mcdoubles a day and rain water. I’ll survive

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