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Pioneer Belts at EliteFTS

Thought a few here might be interested in a hack to get a Pioneer belt a little cheaper. I just purchased the 13 mm pioneer cut (staggered holes) off of EliteFTS.

Unfortunately, I was unable to place the order on cyber Monday (out of stock, and they would not let me order it over the phone). Would have been 15% off, plus free shipping, and a free pair of straps and a pair of wrist wraps.

However, the belt was still 10% off with free shipping.

The kicker is the same belt (thickness, finish, and cut) is $170 on Pioneer’s website before shipping and tax. I paid $136 for it after tax. It does have a stamped EliteFTS logo on it, but essentially it is the same belt.

So for anyone looking to upgrade to a premium belt, now may be a good time.

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A7 has a pioneer cut as well, which I think is ironically IPF approved for some reason

A7 must pay the IPF. What a bunch of BS it is that you can use the same belt if A7 sells it, but if you get it from general leather craft you can’t.

Yeah totally. You’ll never see the IPF trying to shake down major companies like NIKE, Reebok, Adidas, etc

But most powerlifitng companies are SMBs, and they have no issues going after them. Glad I’m lifitng USPA now

Why not just make gear specs. If the gear meets spec, it is good to go (because there is no money in that).

Any belt under 13 mm, that is 4" wide should be allowed. Same thing with wraps, sleeves and singlets. I could come up with specs in a few minutes.

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You answered your own question, it was like that in the IPF up to a few years ago. This is totally because it is a source of revenue, no other reason. USPA/IPL does the same thing but their fees aren’t as high, which is why so much more stuff is on their list.

I do think its weird why Titan Yellow Jackets arent legal in USPA Raw.

My guess was that they figure they give more of a boost out of the hole than SBDs, but some people claim otherwise. Whatever, if you want carryover then just get knee wraps and stop playing games.

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Yeah I was totally going to do classic raw in yellow jackets, but all my teammates basically said I’d be at a severe disadvantage with everybody who’s wrapped up.

The 198 classic raw records in Oregon are within reach for me though - 420/250s/470, compared to raw which is 600s/314/666 held by my teammates

I did something like that. Pioneer belts are sold under Iron Tanks name with IPF approval. So when Iron Tanks had a 25% off sale I got an Pioneer belt 50 bucks off

It’s weird how it’s like that sometimes, in WPC and CPF the drug tested raw w/wraps records are lower than the raw records too. It seems strange that they should have separate bench and deadlift records for raw w/wraps, there should just be separate squat and total records.

Brb moving to Oregon and putting on a few kilos.


I’m not sure about what the specific numbers are, but I heard today that the qualifiying totals for USAPL raw nationals is 100 lbs more than the qualifying totals for equipped nationals at 205 (dunno what the kg weight is)

Can’t use that pioneer belt there tho. Unless it’s A7

It’s something like that in Canada too with the IPF affiliate, I think it’s because raw got so popular and few people want to lift in gear. Otherwise there would be no USAPL equipped nationals. Here there is no equipped nationals, just a few guys in gear at the one and only nationals.

Damn. But seems like a great opportunity to do an equipped meet