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Pinto's Raw Cycle Log

With my last geared meet until next year (maybe APF Sr. Nats- depending where it is next year) soon to be behind me, I started giving soem thought ot a raw cycle. There’s a meet on January 24th I might do raw if work allows. But either way, I’ll train like I plan on doing it. I have trained in gear almost exclusively for about two yeas

My heavy bench workouts will be made up of full range and low board work alternated with reverse bands on odd weeks. Over six weeks, the reps will go from 5s down to singles. Accessory wrok will include Heavy DB presses, pressing with an arch bar, and lots of shoulder work. As I had been doing, I will continue doing close grip floorpresses on my light day.

My squat training will involved working to work set of straight weight for reps and then hitting some single with 100-140 lbs of chain weight on the bar. The reps will drop from 5s to down to a single the last week. My accessory work will involve rack pulls, GHRs, and reverse hypers.

Deadlift training will be built around RDLs this time. My DL training for the last year has pretty much centered around deficit pulls and pulls from mid shin, so this will be a bit different. I’ll also do a crap pile of shrugs, rows and pulldowns.