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Pinning Tren Ace with Slin Pins (30 gauge 5/16 Needle 1ML)?

Would it be a possibility? Currently using 25 gauge needles, which are a pain in the ass for ED for me already. Sadly the next avalibe syringe on hand is only the one mentioned in the title, which I use for subq test shots. Could I pin IM with these needles?

Pin lats and delts with that particular needle/syringe combo and you’ll be perfectly fine.

I use 1/2 inch slin pins for shoulders, lats, and traps. I am pretty sure not all of it stays in the muscle but most does I think. These site tend to have the thinner skin. I have heard of guys pinning biceps and triceps with skin pins but I have never had the injection volume and frequency needed to try it out.

I push the needle into the skin like make an indention with the plastic base of the needle. I hold it pushing in and then inject. I hold it there after I inject for about 30-45 seconds. I figure this helps keep it in the muscle, that pressure from the plastic base at the bottom of the needle is going to be making a perfect circle around the injection site while the needle is still in the hole.

I have never had a problem with this methods but i am not a doctor and there is some definite bro science with that whole pushing the base into the skin to help it get in and stay in the muscle.

The guage shouldn’t be an issue but you will be making slow injections with that thin barrel. The length should be able to get into the muscle it’s just about weather it squirts back out and stays between the muscle and skin.

Whether it is SubQ or IM will depend on your bodyfat percentage but I really dont think it matters much other than SubQ for me the spot is much more likely to get irritated.

I use a 27g Slin Pin for everything that is 1mL. I heat the vial with my Wife’s straightener to make it a lot faster. If you do that wrap the vial in a tissue so the label doesnt melt into the straightener and let the oil cool a bit before injecting it. Its a lot easier to push the oil out than it is to get it in.