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Pinning Test E 2x/Week vs 3x/Week

Came across this vid recently. He talks about pinning more frequently as a way to reduce any sides, estrogen effects. Does this actually work with something like Test E? Would 3x a week be better than 2x a week for more stable bloods, less sides?

Not when you are talking cycle quanities of T. Sure for TRT guys.
That said I am on TRT and inject twice a week but I also blast twice a year and I inject 3 times a week. Mostly because of the shear volume of T required when blasting. These guys who cram 500 600 into their leg or ass then complain about PIP well duh!

I’m not one of those gram a week guys I like to see how little I can do and yet see good gains at the gym. So my first blast was only 300/wk my second was 350 the third was 360 because I was short on my T supply and my last two blasts were 380mg/wk of T cyp. I might try 400 this fall.

In fact I am 38days into my Spring Blast I will be steady state in two more day. As usual I don’t feel anything for the first 4 weeks so just last week the power of the force hit me.


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Iv slammed a full 3CCs before no pip!

Iv seen this video and a few others. They reccomend no matter what ester your using the best way to pin is every day. I have mixed feelings on this.

Does it work better at keeping your levels steady pinning test E daily I’m sure it does. Here’s what I would argue show me how much of a difference pinning test E ED makes over pinning its E3D. I seriously doubt there is any sides or estrogen issues them at show up with a ester like E with a 2 day difference.

Now when it comes to short esters like prop or these blends like sus and cut blends and shit iv never liked them but have always said if your gonna use them pin ED or EOD.