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Pinning Sites


Hi guys,

I'm currently in the middle of my second cycle so far. I'm injecting only into glutes because I don't know how to inject into other sites.

I've read some threads that stated: Pinning repeatedly into same sites will decrease the effect of substances being injected.

Is that true?


Lol. Definitely not true. Whered you read that


Some (obviously too much bro science) thread... but I think it's always better to ask than do it wrong :slight_smile:


pinning the same site over and over again for long periods of time CAN build up scar tissue in the area though. If you're only injecting once or twice a week, probably not a big deal, but it's something to consider. Quads are the easiest to reach, and you can do them sitting down, but a lot of people don't tolerate them well. Delts have been smoothest for me, and since you're used to doing glutes, they shouldn't be difficult.


not sure how you can know how to pin one site and not another but for what its worth i pin on a delt/delt/glute/glute/quad/quad rotation as im pinning 1.5ml everyday of a tren ace/test prop/mast prop blend.

on longer esters glute/glute weekly will be fine.

i would experiment with different sites so if you go onto short esters which require daily or every other day injections you have more sites to play with.