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Pinning Protocol for Test P and Mast P


As of now, I'm looking to do EOD injections of 200mg/ml of TP/MP blend for 6wks using 25 guage pins. I'm contemplating doing ED injections. Could I use .5 inch 1ml slin pins? Thanks for the input.



can't tell you if .5 will be long enough because no one knows how much bf you have. How lean are you?


I use slin pins on my shoulders


Yes, even if it does go sub q it will get absorb but will hurt like a mofo


I'm somewhere from 18-20%. I was 21% in November at 240lbs. I'm around 230 now. The pinning locations I was looking into are VG,Delts and Calves.


Thanks Yogi, I'll probably do the same for shoulders. Buds, you say hurt like a mofo, I've got a high tolerance for pain. How bad would you say?


Calves are satans asshole. Hit it in a spot that it doesnt agree with and you're gonna be limping like you just got fucked by mike tyson. I've done pins in everything except biceps basically and calves i will not touch ever again. At about 20% you should be able to pin slins into delts and thats probably about it tbh. 1" Pins in quads/VG/delts really arent that bad.


you think at 20 % he could pin shoulders with .5 needle? i say fuck no if you don't want it to be subq


yeah probably not at 20%.

Ever accidentally pinnned subQ? I shot like 3ml into the fat on my ass once, hurt like a BITCH


no i don't think i have yet, did it knot up? i started using 1 inch on glutes a while back and was scared i might not be deep enough but no pain whatsoever


a marble sized bruise/lump that hurt like a bitch when anything touched it. Made sitting down loads of fun!


With the suggestion from eatliftsleep, looks like I may pass on the Delts. Most of that 20% is lower ab region and other places. I can see striations in my front delts, nothing professional body building wise though. I would assume that's a decent leanest for the delts. Now the subq pain, that's something I will avoid. What about .5 slin pinning for the bi's and calves?