Pinning Primo

So I have a question regarding primo. I have enough schering primo to use 500mg a week for 14 weeks. I will be stacking primo with test e and eq for 16 weeks. My plan was to pin test eq twice a week in a 3c syrienge. Since primo needs to be done 3 times a week-Is it ok to put 1c/100ml primo in the test eq twice a week( thats 200 ml primo)and do 1 more 300ml primo shot by itself?

if there is a better way to pin the 500mg a week of primo with the test eq, i would really appreciate it.
Stats are 41 years old, 7th cycle, 5"6 176lbs with 10%bf. Thanks in advance as I really appreciate it.

Just pin everything 3 times a week. That’s what I would do. Your way works too.

i’d get slin pins and pin ED…i always pin ED no matter what im using.