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Pinning Over Ink


I was just reading the tren ace ED/EOD thread and had a question but didnt want to hijack. i am not planning on running tren but i wanted to spread my test injections over more days. i was thinking EOD. As of now im completely comfortable injecting in the quads, glutes, and a little in the ventro.

if i wanted to start pinning my arms more often and especially something like tren where i would pin ED, could i inject directly over a tattoo? i have a full sleeve on my left side.




I have no professional background, but it would seem to me that the ink is SC and not IM... so that would not pose a problem.

just a thought


not an issue... see profile pics


I have full sleeves back is totally covered and ribs belly and calves. I shoot subQ into ink all the time its fine, i shoot 1 inch into muscle belly through ink, and its fine.

Your good to go bro.

No worries.