Pinning Multiple Times a Week?

Hey guys,

Curious if anyone has tried pinning sustanon 250 or other types of test more than once or twice a week? Pros/cons? Lemme know what you think.

Exactly when do you think we pin test when on cycle? Once a month?

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More than once or twice a week is what I said… meaning like ED or 5 times a week but lower doses. Example: Sus 250… 100mg each day m-f for a total of 500mgper week vs let’s say 250mg tues and 250mg Friday still equaling 500 mg for the week

Sus is a mix of esters but you can still get away pinning 2x per week. Long ester test is ideal 2x per week and short like test prop you want EOD or ED.


Its pretty simple. Pin to what the ester dictates. Pinning a long ester ED in small amounts isnt accomplishing anything more except poking your self

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Yeah I got that and understand the ester lengths I was just curious if anyone has tried pinning a long ester eod or ed at a lower does in terms of shaping body parts better or in terms of feeling more energy etc each day vs pinning twice a week. Thanks!

Yeah exactly, that’s what I was trying to get at, if anyone has seen benefits of pinning ed or eod or if it’s just a waste of time and pins.

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When I cruise I inject twice a week. When I blast using the same T cyp I go to three times a week just do to the volume is less. I also only inject subQ even when blasting. I prefer the small ga needles and have no issues sticking 100mg(.50ml) in each love handle. No PIP no asperating.

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Yeah I feel that I go 27g in my delts specifically because hoping to get a little extra results there. Good to know, I was thinking of doing 750mg per week and going 150ml per day Monday-Friday. Thoughts?

If there was any benefit of pinning lets say test-E, ED or EOD opposed to 2x/weekly or E3D then I’m sure that would be common practice. The goal is to not have any drastic dip in T levels. As far as i know the common practiced pinning regimen for each ester works. No need to fix it if not broken

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2x /wk is the optimum, once a week is generally good enough. The only time I noticed a drop in energy levels with injecting Sus, was when I started TRT and injections are every second week. That seems to have reduced to barely noticeable levels the longer I have been on TRT.

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