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Pinning More Weight


My favorite lat exercise is straight arm pulldowns. The only problem is that i can do the whole stack for 20+ reps. I need to pin more weight on it but cant find any way to do it. Anyone know how to pin extra weight?

The pulley system is the Life Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley System.


Can't you borrow a pin from another station?


Ha, I've used one of these and had the same problem.

Solution: Use the pin from the other stack (the one you're not using). Pass it through a weight plate, then stick it part way into the stack at about the midpoint. It won't look very stable but I've done it with a 25kg plate and it holds fine. Sadly this only works for one plate though.


Use the lat pulldown machine? When that gets too light, put some dbs on the stack or hang a plate on the pin if that's an option.


Are you doing these on a lat pulldown?

If so, your strength is ridic...if not, then start doing them on a different machine.


It's on the lat pulldown, i'm not that strong lol.
But i think i'll probably have to start doing them on the lat pulldown though.