Pinning Low Dose Tren

Jus pinned 50 mg of tren will pin another 50 mg in 2 days… it’s tren ace do I pin every 2 days or is 2x a week fine? Also I get a lot of gains from out of 200 mg of test that’s why I’m starting so low I’m guessing I will get a lot out of a little and not have to worry about bad sides… any thoughts or ideas when it comes to tren please let me know…

I like your approach to start low and slow with tren. I HIGHLY recommend EOD minimum when pinning tren ace. But I think 175 mg/wk is a good starting place. (at least it looks like your plan is 175, 50 mg EOD is 175/wk)

I would also have P5P on hand to help control prolactin levels. Also, know that it can take up to 3 weeks, even with tren a, for side effects to pop up.

I hope you are well read on potential sides with tren, both short and long term.

What’s your reasoning for adding Tren in now then? If you’re gaining still on test alone, you could ride that out until you plateau, then add in the Tren

I plateau”d… I wonder if low dose will fuck woth my sex drive ?

Can I pin 2x a week?

You can do whatever you want to do. You could pin once per month. However, to keep blood levels stable(ish), anything with an acetate ester should be pinned EOD minimum. ED pinning is even more stable and I pin ED. It sucks being a pin cushion, but that is better than causing side effects with high peak:trough blood level ratios


Ace should be pinned ED if you actually want to utilize the ACE factor of tren… if no, just do E and pin twice a week…
If you do ace EOD it just kind of milds down the point of ace as such… either do it or dont - i dont see the point of doing this stuff half assed.


I only wanted to do a 100 mg a week on top of my 200mg a week test… so how much would I take everyday? And if I jus pinned 50 mg today now what?

100mgs is ridiculously low dose, and yes, it would be hard to draw… just do 0.2ml - it will be a bit more than 100, but 100 wont do much anyways, so 140-150 is anyways a better start.

then tommorrow just start pinning 0.2 ED…
also, you can TRY insulin syringes(i havent done that tho) but for such low doses you could actually be able to draw very little amounts and just stick em in your shoulder(as insulin needle wont go into the muscle in any fatty areas).

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Sounds good… do u think 100 a week on top of 200 test is too low? I feel like I get a lot out of a littke

So I did my shot today how long does it take for it to kick in? Will I feel it tonight at gym or is it like test we’re it takes a few weeks

I felt 50mg Ace about 14 hours after the shot. Sadly that was at 1a and kept me up for hours

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Damn hoping I was gonna feel it at gym tonight

I’ve been doing my first round of Tren Ace this blast. I was up to 210 mg, now I’m doing 105 mg wk, its the sweet spot for me. I’m doing high test around 630mg /wk. I just draw 45 ml Test C with 15 mg Tren A daily. At this level and for as long as I’ve taken it I don’t have any sides. If I do above 25 mood takes a bit of a hit and so does sleep. TBH I don’t notice a ton of extra at this level but I need to sleep. Toward the end of the Tren A cycle I’ll kick it up over 250 for the last week to test the sides before I cut it so I know what I’m looking at for my next cycle with Tren E.

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Did u run low dose tren than?

At what point do I need arimidex? Sore nipples ? Or a certain dose?

I bought some for a future cycle and tested it out for a week. First shot, 10a felt amped up, energized 1-2a. Second shot did at 10p woke up feeling ready to kick ass, seemed to wear off quicker, could sleep that night. Once it all builds up I doubt you’d feel those ups and downs

I don’t feel anything extra with tren, wish I did. I do my shots at night. Maybe I’ll preload the tren and try it in the morning.

When would tren dick occur? After cycle?

This thing about kicking “in” is a bit overexagerated on the internet. Anything injected IM is working at that same moment. Since this stuff is originally made as medicine, there would be little to none use of those drugs if people who have muscle wasting or burn victims, or kids who dont grow, would have to wait weeks for something to work.
Sure, slower esters might not reach maximum blood levels, but tren ace is GONE in day and a half, so you should be feeling it at the very second.
I pinned in the mornings before my workouts and felt my temperature rising as even mid-pin… Then again, i was doing like 600mg tren…
At 100-150 there is a chance you wont feel much ever.

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