Pinning is a hot mess ? First Blast!

Howdy gang,

So I seriously need to write this out because I have no idea what is going wrong.

I have been on TRT for many years no issue-- pinning for ages twice a week on 120mg test cyp with a 28g (works for me).

I decided last week to start my first ever blast for 400mg at 10 weeks. So far I am loving it and I started with a bit of a lower dose to trial side effects/not over do it. I train hard and eat clean and just felt like I wanted a push past my plateau which after such a short time already (not sure if it is placebo affect) but has improved my workouts.

The only thing that is not going well for me right now is pinning. I pinned my third shot on my blast today and I am just a bit fed up. I am getting these massive welts, like genuine lumps and they take about 3-4 days to go down. I tried a 21g, 28g, and today went back to 23g syringe but still nothing is working. I tried different angles, different areas (i am only really comfortable with my abdomen, for some reason I struggle pinning anywhere else, especially because I am nervous it will affect my training if it do delts etc.) but DAMN!

Today when I did my shot, I literally had instant bruising and could immediately feel the welt. It’s underground gear and is my first time, is there something I should be doing when going from TRT to blast to help make pinning easier? I even struggled last week on lying leg curls because my abdomen was sore from the pin.

Sorry if this is a totally dumb beginner post but I have never blasted until last week. I never had any issues pinning my TRT all these years so I’m thinking it’s just the dosage or the gear? Or maybe my technique idk…

any help is much appreciated as always!!

Are you pinning IM or SubQ?

I only ever got welts when pinning subq.

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Maybe I’m just a noob and this is part of the game haha welcome to blast life I suppose

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Your prob pinning way to much oil subq. 1/2ml max.
Tou need to pin IM. Problem solved.


@s.gentz Thank you sir will give that a go next pin!!!


I wonder if you’re using another test source? Otherwise, PIP from subQ with that amount would be normal.

As s.gentz said, time to go IM, remember to rotate your site injections.

Take care.

Hello @asmonius, yes this is a diff test source.

I will for sure try IM on Thursday and see how we do-- will post an update here!

Thanks again for taking time to reply :slight_smile:

Start pinning IM. If you have someone to help the buttocks tends to be the best spot for painless. Otherwise use your quads. I’ve done shoulders but don’t recommend it. Make sure you have good new syringes. I like 25ga x 1in. If it’s to short you’ll re more likely to get sore.

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@hunk98 Thank you so much. I am looking forward to trying IM but also nervous I can’t lie. I will struggle to get my buttocks for sure so will try quads/thigh. I use a 23ga so will think about getting 25s if this still is uncomfortable. Thank you again!

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You can go ventro glute with a 25 or 23. Just make sure they are at least 1". If going in quad i use a 27ga needle

@s.gentz @hunk98 @asmonius Gang. I did a 27ga today in my vastus lateralis (quad)… omg? I am never going back. I feel like a dummy for doing my abdomen now!!!

I was so nervous about today’s dosage because my old sites are still recovering but I couldn’t believe how smooth it was. I did some additional things to make sure I didn’t have an issue:

  1. I did a 27ga which I know is slower to administer but so so so so worth it. Painless!
  2. I realized the last pin I did I didn’t wait for the alcohol wipe to completely dry? Big error.
  3. Before wiping with the wipe, I actually took an ice pack (read it online lol) to help numb the area a bit.
  4. Took a big pinch (not a flex but I have a lot of quad to use ha) and hit the needle at a NINETY degree angle which is different to the 45 they tell you for subq.
  5. Went in like butter and literally no pain whatsoever.

I am so so happy thank you guys for your advice!!!

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