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Pinning Injection Pain, First Time in 4 Cycles

I started to inject this morning and went through the normal process. Went in slow, aspirated, no blood and started to inject about a quarter of CC in I started to get an intense burning sensation and noticed blood backed up into the syringe. I immediately stop pulled out and change sites. All day I have had a pain in my thigh normal to the injection site on a regular day that usually comes around a day or two after but this started right away.

The site looks normal and there is no swelling.

My thought is that while pushing in the plunger the needle may have moved a little and was at the edge of a vain possibly penetrating the vain slightly.

Out of four cycles, this is the first time I have ever had this happen.

Anyone with experience on this or knowledge of what possibly happen, would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like you went right through a vein and kept going. I’m surprised you don’t have a nice bruise there.

You’ll be fine of course.

Still no bruise. I’ve been through a vein before but never had blood come into the syringe after I already aspirated. That’s what through me off.

Its happened to me before like that. I wasn’t sure if I hit near a nerve or something, but highly doubt you have a concern.

Awesome…Thanks for the response.