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Pinning Info


I'm still doing my research before I decide to go through with my first cycle. I was curious if anyone could provide me with links or info regarding injection sites, preparation of sites, types of needles, etc. Thanks


You should ask around for an open minded nurse. One might help you out just so you don't hurt yourself.


The best advice that I can give you is to learn about injecting in the ventrogluteal site. Follow this thread for some good general information:



I use a 25GA x 1.5" long pin for the ventrogluteal and glutes. Some use a 1" long pin but that would be the min length that I would recommend.


thanks Theloneous, much appreciated.


Youtube to see the spots.


I did come across a few resources during my research. Do these seem to have legitimate info contained within?



I looked at both of those for my first time, but for ventroglute there's much better diagrams/explanations running around a thread here somewhere. Probably in one of the inj. stickies. I'll try to upload the pics since I still have them (although I've NEVER been able to upload pics on this site so it probably won't work)


If that one worked (or didn't), then this one should too:


Slin pin FTW.

1" in the delts.


Use a fucking knife and pour that shit in. Stop dilly dallying.


I never understood the dorsgluteal site explanations; they all appear to instruct to inject outside the gluteus muscle (page 3 of the above PDF). Why is that?


if you divde the asscheek into 4 quadrants, the proper place to inject is in the middle of the upper outer quadrant.

Why? The same reason every other site is chosen. Combination of the muscle size, innervation, amount of blood vessels.


Right, Bone! my point exactly: almost all illustrations show to inject outside that muscle.


Do you have an example? Im not sure I know what you mean


Oh I just looked at the pdf.

if you take the asscheek in the image and divide it in fours. That spot is in the upper, outer quadrant. I think it looks funny on that picture because its a two dimensional image.


I mean, this slide, repeated mindlessly over and over in textbooks.


What muscle are you suggesting that picture is implying one should inject into?

Im 100% sure it's not the lower back. You can see the crease where the oblique starts (or ends, I forget)

I mean, its called the dorsogluteal site. Not the "middle of the glutues maximus site".

The injection goes near the top of the gluteus maximus, near the gluteus minimus.

Logically, every text book cant be wrong.


the comments section here explains it OK