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Pinning IM with Insulin Needles

I’ve been planning to switch to 26g thin13mm long insulin needles for quad and delt injections and do wonder if it matters how deep you inject into the muscle? I’m relatively low bodyfat at near %9-10. anybody have experience with this?

I use insulin needles for my shoulders, traps and delts. I think it is still technically an IM even that shallow. But it might squirt back out and go into the layer between the skin and muscle which we call subcutaneous injections. Even though all of the vials say for IM only, plenty of us go subcutaneous without any issues.

You should be fine.


I use insulin syringes for cruise shots into the glutes and delts with zero issues; but that’s only 0.4cc of oil. :man_shrugging:t4:

There is this guy on youtube who goes on this rant about how for years the research has consistently shown higher test levels when going subcutaneous vs IM. Obviously they are supposed to be injecting the same amount with each type of injection. His “no duh” assessment is basically look at an insulin needle aka the subcutaneous needles, they don’t have dead space the way a traditional syringe and needles setup does. So even though we load each with the same amount we end up leaving some in the traditional needles/syringe setup vs the insulin needle.

The part that makes me laugh is, I could totally see doctors and lab techs totally missing the whole dead space and sitting there scratching their heads while trying to figure out why they have higher levels in the subjects using insulin needles subcutaneously.

I assume in these studies they fill up the dead space in the needle/syringe setups and thus when they inject they inject a full cc with both the IM and subcutaneous injections.

I think what is happening with the subcutaneous injections is there is a quicker uptake of the oily solution. We see quicker uptake when we subcutaneously inject hgh vs IM. Again with hgh IM means a longer half life. It’s similar with the peptides as well. So it looks like we have higher levels with subcutaneous injections but really we just have “quicker” levels.

So with our situation using estered hormones I think once we get a few weeks into the injection schedule then there is no real difference in levels of IM vs subcutaneous but IDK for sure.

I just came across this thread again and felt like sharing. Hope you all are having a good one!

I shoor 1cc but I think it’s fine, 2 shots of this procedure and I only feel slightly less PIP

I agree with the dead space part but fat tissue has A LOT less blood flow than muscle,any studies that suggests longer half life on IM vs subq? From what I remember people on trt do subq test injections over IM more than us and female to male transitioning people