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Pinning Frequency in Same Body Part


Sorry for the intrusion guys, just picked the pinning forum as its most relevant, im starting my 1st cycle next week with TEST SUST and D-bol ( know its not the best but its what i got),, Reading test Nation has helped me with everything needed to know,,

Just 1 thing, i want to know if its ok to inject into the glute (buttock) throughout my cycle which is approximately 10 weeks depending on satisfaction.. i dont have the confidence to pinpoint the exact areas in the shoulder or hip and heard the glute is most painless..

sorry if this question pissed any of the vets off,, but signed up just for this question, as it has helped me alot, i have done plenty research, just want to hear from u



Yes Glutes are the best place to shoot. You want to hit the upper right side of the glute.

Do a google image search of glute injection or a youtube search you'll find a lot of good info out there.


Yea thanks.. i know where to shoot it, just want to know if its ok to shoot it only in the glutes for a 10 week cycle


Why do you think glutes best place to shoot? You will need a pin thats 1-1.5'' to pin there isnt the horse needles in the ass kinda old school? Whats wrong with slins in the quad V, delts, lats or any spot with low BF? Seems cheaper and more pain free IMO


It would be in your best interest to move the shots around to avoid a build up of scar tissue.