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Pinning Frequency and AI Usage

Has anyone increased test e or c pinning frequency to EOD instead of the standard 2x p/w and as a result reduced or completely dropped their AI?

I think the theory makes sense, but I don’t personally think you should base your decision on anything other than blood results. There are too many moving parts to compare with others…

Yeah, I was able to reduce AI. On blast I feel much better EOD.

Thanks for the reply. Seems logical, just wanted to see how much of a difference it made for others.
Definitely worth a try, if I can halve the AI at least I’ll be happy.

When cruising on TRT I pin Test C, 90 mg 2x/wk (180 mg/wk total). Now that I am blasting 525 mg/wk I am pinning 150 mg EOD and I do feel more “level” and “stable” and I have reduced my AI. Reduced from .5 mg/wk Anastrozole to 0.4375 mg/wk (.25 every other shot which is .25 E4D). Not a huge reduction but a reduction nonetheless.

I think when it comes to reducing the AI, anything helps.

So it’s been 5 days since I’ve touched an AI pinning eod. Running 600 test e p/w, 200 Deca p/w.

Definitely worth the trade off on more frequent injections.