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Pinning Every 3.5 Days. Opinions, Pros & Cons?

G’day Fellas , currently running an every 5 day protocol (125mg) just wanting to know others opinions on if every 3.5 would be better , experiences from guys who have changed over to this protocol and guys who found it better or worse , reason I ask is reading a lot of fellas saying either way it works out for the better less conversion to E2 and more stable levels but this may not be the case with some hence the input !! Cheers lads !!! :+1:t3::muscle:t3::+1:t3:

How do you feel now?

Hey mate , I actually feel great but there are signs of E2 creeping in IE les frequent morning wood , itchy nipples and slight bloating plus I seem to get cranky a little too easy last couple weeks ,

I didn’t feel the effects of TRT on twice weekly injections, only when I started to inject smaller doses EOD did I start to notice major changes. Muscles started growing rapidly.

SHBG will guide injection frequency, so without this test you have no idea what protocol will work.

So let’s say your SHBG is 12 nmol/L, twice weekly will not work out well for you.

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How long have you been in e5. Days?

Gday @systemlord , last bloods showed my SHBG of 37 , I have been every 5 days for around 4 weeks , I’m feeling all the good benefits of TRT already but I’m thinking some of the bad is starting to creep in which I assume will be from high E2 , pumping 125mg in one hit has to raise levels for sure

Then twice weekly is optimal for you, I would start 50mg twice weekly as a starting point leaving out the AI.

I never heard of a case where twice weekly didn’t work well for someone with your SHBG level.

You have the perfect ideal SHBG level, I’m jealous.

SHBG will likely decrease a little bit 6-10 months after starting TRT which is no big deal since you have plenty.

The large infrequent dosage will usually create larger estrogen peaks, cutting the dosage in half and injecting twice weekly should see estrogen at a lower level.

On another note larger injection will also increase DHT do to the larger testosterone peaks.

You need to stay on the protocol for at least 6 weeks. Then confirm stuff with symptoms and labs. You need this to figure out what works.

I mean you may need to inject less who knows???

If you switch B4 6-8 weeks you will be on a bad rollercoaster ride.

If u told us you were injecting every 2 weeks then yeah you can switch right away cause every 2 weeks is proven t be bad for most.

Thankyou for your input mate I appreciate it , I had a high SHBG of 61 when I first started but I took a 2 week course of Danazole that brought it down to 26 , so I have actually crept back up since coming off the danazole

Thanks for the input @charlie12 , very helpful yes I have read that you need to be on a protocol for 6 weeks to see if it works or not but where did his number come from ? I was originally on a 2 week protocol and when I changed over to e5d I felt better after the 2nd pin , so if I’m feeling sides creep in after 4 weeks on from then they will probably only get worse hey ? Like you say my blood tests will show what’s really going on I’m still waiting on E2 results to come in , but I’m going off the feeling game atm not the numbers game ,

Listen to systemlord regarding shbg levels being your guide.


You could also try just lowering your dose a bit to see if the e2 sides go away, as you’re already feeling great.

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Gday mate yeah I’m taking on board all the info from the guys , nothing is better than people talking from experience that’s for sure , Appriciate the help fellas👍🏼

I’m high shbg but currently trialing eod and feeling great. Placebo? Maybe… but I’ll take it.
Was previously in 250 e8d and noticed differences between the day after inj and the days before.

So if you feel better. Once your reach hemostasis that could change.

Testosterone takes time to reach steady state because of its long half life. You can search but I think it’s about 4-5 half life’s for a drug to reach steady state concertration. And in addition trt positive affects take longer. Some happen right away.

Okay system lord when you say you injected smaller doses every other day, out of 7 Days a Week does that mean you inject 20mg monday, then another 20mg Wednesday/ 20MG Fri & 20mg finally Sunday, so 4 injections a week roughly. and was it 20mg per shot or 25? thanks i might try this at some point is why i ask.

my Current protocol is 60mg’s SubQ twice weekly at moment, and will stay that way for while because i been on Injections only 2 weeks now.

Thanks for your reply mate when you say high SHBG what was your last reading ? My last test was 37 which I thought was heading high but apparently not ?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and back to Monday.

Another way to look at it, EOD is every 2 days.

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Hey @charlie12 I did t know that about the 4 to 5 half life’s before steady state , great info to know I guess that’s where the 6 weeks comes in to play once I get my E2 result I’ll post my full results and see what guys think to my result and protocol be good to have opinions on that also ,

Thanks for the Reply my T.R.T Bro @systemlord and the Dosage you take those every 2 days is 20mg or 25mg? just wondered. if it was 25mg each that would mean 4 shots a week for a total of 100mg if was 20mg per shot then = 80mg per week not too bad if 25mg per shot. personally 80mg is a bit low for some men.

60 something pal. It went up slightly after I started trt. Hoping it will have gone down tomorrow as I have been using 5mg oxandrolone per day but we will see.