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Pinning Enanthate E5D?

Can i pin TEST-E Every 5 days? It’s my first cycle and i want to run only 300mg/week to be cautious about acne.
I don’t have empty sterile vials and i want to avoid storing TEST into syringes.

So can i shoot 1ml(250mg) TEST-E every 5 days, to end up with 300mg/ week ? Will my blood levels still be stable at E5D ?


I shoot it twice a week because of the advise ive gotten from guys here whoi trust.

However i know guys who shoot it E5D and even once a week and are happy with results.

I’d imagine that shooting 250mg E5D would put you at more risk of acne that 250mg 2x/week. Due to less stable blood levels. Also you’ll get better results from 500mg/week. So i’d recommend 250mg twice a week or E3D.

As for extra care for acne, i’d recommend extra showers and some good bodywash, “clean and clear” or whatever its called!

I’ve been finding conflicting info on that one, some say that E5D will still keep blood levels stable, and like you, some say that will put me on a hormonal rollercoaster that could cause acne.

I prefer not to jump directly on 500mg/wk on my first cycle though…

The half-life of Test E is about 5 days, it’s your choice though.

500 mg/week is really not that much, and is typically considereed the minimum if you want to see any real gains. Just be sure to take an AI throughout and your sides should be minimal.

You clearly haven’t spent much time on this site if you think 300mg/wk of Test E is a good idea.