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Pinning Delts with Sub Q Syringe

So I’m now doing 150mg cyp a week with 43mg EOD pins. I’m using a 30G 5/16" syringe. I was doing SubQ in the stomach but want to now rotate between stomach and delts.

Left stomach
Left Delt
Right Stomach
Right Delt

I realize this small a syringe probably won’t get intramuscular but it’s fine to pin into delts with a subQ syringe, correct? All one needs is for the testosterone to get under the skin and stay there, let the body absorb it, right? Or is this a bad idea to pin delts with such a small syringe?

I just want to share the holes around the body with this greater dose.

It’ll be fine either way. if you go up to 1/2" needles you’ll be getting the delt shots IM (that’s what I do), if you want to try that… skin is very thin in that area.

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Maybe I will try IM once I’m done with these 2 boxes of 5/16" syringes. Well, for the delts; EOD rotating IM and SubQ. LOL I wonder how many people do that, half and half subq and IM. ha!

Never tried delt, but I’m doing subq as well and pin upper thigh. There’s a decent amount of fat there, easy to access with both hands.