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Pinning Delts IM vs Subq Test Injection with Insulin Needles?

So I’ve just finished my blast few days ago and hopped on 120mg test E weekly injected subq with half an inch 30g insulin needles.
I inject every 5 days so I’ve been wondering if the slow release of test e AND subq injections are a bit too slow release? should I go for my delts intramuscular? I’m very lean but the half an inch needle gives me doubts about the depth of the injection. anybody else try this method?

My trt is strictly IM delts with a 31g 1/2’’. Painless, smooth, perfect every time. And I’m not super lean, but the 1/2” is plenty long enough to get IM.

I did sub-q for a while before switching to IM (delts only) with 28-31g needle 1CC insulin syringe. Exactly as @iron_yuppie said. It’s not only the easiest way to do it but painless and efficient.

Are you top loading the insulin syringe? I have trouble loading / pinning anything above a 27g?

I put the bottle of test in my hand and make a fist to warm it up for about 20 seconds. I put the needle in, draw, take it out and inject. Back-filling syringes (drawing with a larger needle/syringe & injecting it into the back of a smaller syringe/needle) just wastes too much for me. I’m OCD about wasting shit though. I use one-piece insulin syringes (needle is not removable) to keep from losing anything.

yes it’s a fact that regular syringes always have 0.1ml left in them after injecting.
insulin syringes waste nothing which is perfect for working with small trt dosages.
what I did forget to do is to warm it up before injecting. definitely helps with soreness

I’ve just injected delts a few hours ago 0.2ml and damn already a little sore.
virgin muscle I guess

yes I’m back loading it with 18g

Massage without much pressure after you inject.