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Pinning 2x per Week, When is Best Time to Get Bloodwork?

Hello forum.
I am injecting 70mg test two times per week, plus taking 250iu HCG every other day.
I want to order a new round of bloodwork.
I inject the test Tues and Friday morning.
Two questions:

  1. What would be the best morning to get my blood work drawn?
  2. Should I halt the HCG the week of getting my blood drawn, or does that not make a difference?


This is retarded having 7 threads. I cannot see what I have posted for your case and you cannot review advice and suggested sticky reading because your case is fractured and forked.

Always do labs halfway between injections to reduce lab timing effects as a variable. This is covered in the stickies and often posted by me in posts. Time of doctors visit can be wrong.

Do not stop hCG. There is no reason for such thinking.

Thanks KSman.
And sorry about making seven individual posts.
I wasn’t aware of the protocol for asking “new” questions in this forum.

Some here try to make a good effort to consider many aspects of a case and will scroll up to review, protocol, symptoms, labs and discussion. This can become impossible or an impractical Easter Egg hunt to locate info that may or may not be there. Many do not realize what is been attempted here and either do not read the stickies or miss the comments there stressing the need for one case thread.

Got it!! So, next time I have a new question I will take my LAST post, and add to it.
Thanks for the guidance KSman.

I really screwed up. I started injecting 50 mg test EOD, then 250iu HCG on the alternate days. Just got bloodwork back. Total Test >1500 (range 264-916). Free Test 40 (range 7.2 - 24). Estradiol Sensitive 91 (range 8-35). SHGB 27 (range 19-26). What should i do now? Should I stop Injecting? For how long? How long will it take these numbers to come back down?

You could cut your dose a little, maybe try 40 mg instead of 50. Your SHBG and E2 are sky high. A bigger shot less frequently is better for SHBG, it will bring it down over time. As for the E2, I would wait to see what a smaller dose does for you before making any other changes. If you go to less shots adjust differently. One shot a week would need to be more than 120 most likely, maybe more lie 135-140 mg. Twice a week at 70 mg would probably get what you want too. Do you have any sides from the high E2?

Sorry range for SHGB was 19-76, so my SHBG is actually low.

In that case, don’t go to once a week, Cut your dose a little (40 EOD or even 35) and hold on. What are your sides?

I haven’t noticed any terrible sides, but i haven’t been feeling that great either. Not sure how things got so far out of whack.

High E2 is your main problem ATM.

You should inject 25mg EOD or 12mg daily with low SHBG. Your current protocol is way too much.