Pinned Vial from Last Cycle

Hey guys. I ended up having to drop EQ early on in my last cycle about 6 months ago. I drew probably 3 times from the vile by the time I cut it. So basically 75 percent of a vile left. Always super sterile practices. New pins every time. Alcohol wipe everything before and after.
My question is, will this vile be safe to use again, or should I toss it? It’s been store in a cool dark place the entire time. Has anyone had experiences with using leftovers from a past cycle? It still has another a year before expiration. Thanks.

Yes you’ll be fine.

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I’ve done this a few times before, picking up an old vial. You may need to heat it up a bit just to make sure it hasn’t crashed but it should be sterile still and fine to use.

Even if it doesn’t look crashed, if it’s the slightest big painful, I’d heat it up in water

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Those vile vials, always a problem! JK. Yeah, you’re fine


EQ matures like a fine wine.

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thanks appreciate it!