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Pinned for the First Time

What’s up guys…just wanted to introduce myself.
So after running some PH’s and responding well I decided to take the jump, Thursday I pinned for my first time.

Have been on a 5 week oral cycle of epi/tren/msten which I will extend for 3 more weeks while the test takes hold. Plan is to pin 350mg E4D for 15 weeks.
Always open to learning from the more experienced.

What are you pinning?

Wait, you were taking tren and masteron orally?

Maybe this is a stupid question but, is Tren or mast even made in a oral form.

m3 is methyl tren

That’s a heavy oral cycle. I’d get some blood work done. 3 orals all at once for 8 weeks?

[quote]vincentvega13 wrote:
What are you pinning?[/quote]

If he extending orals for three weeks while waiting I will assume it’s Test E/C