Pinnacle's Alpha Dopa Growth Poppers

Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback on this product? Is the dosage high enough of the ingredients? The ingredients are: Mucuna pruriens 666.6 mg (standardized for 15% L-Dopa), Alpa GPC 100 mg, and Bacopa Monniera Extract 50 mg (standardized 20% Bacosides A&B). What are other comparable products to this? Reason I ask is that I was given a ton of free samples of this stuff and was going to try it out. Thanks guys for the help.

Machine I used ADPs’ while taking Androsol and I found it very effective as a sleep aid. I slept dead, straight through the night. I gained about 8lbs lbm that month. Most or all of which I’m guessing was from the Androsol. I did see the results of a study somewhere and from my understanding of it the product was effective. I think it also said that the morning dose would be best used preworkout. I will use it again for sleep purposes alone. I also found the first Z MASS PM to be very effective for sleeping as well.

I’ve tried them, just one bottle. I feel it helped me lean out a bit without losing muscle, but i beleive there are a lot more porducts out there that are better. From what i understand, the dosing in the dopa poppers is really good.

The only thing i didn't like was that it took about half and hour for the popper to dissolve. I haven't tried other products like that, so i don't know if that is normal or not. If you got some, i'd say use it, i don't think it would hurt at all and it could help you lean out (if that's what you want).