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pinn presses

Hello all.

Im going to be working on my strength on my next block (4weeks) that is coming up in a couple weeks and i was looking at new ways to raise my benchpress as all my other movements seem to respond fine. I was thinking of adding pin presses to help me get used to heavy weights. I know what they are and how they work but if you load up more weight than you can usually do… how can you get it up off the plates?? i realise since it wont go all the way down to the chest it wont be as difficult but i still find it hard to understand.

Twisted do you have any sticking points? Are you stronger on your lockout than your start? See if you can identify any weak areas of the movement and work that area.

its the bottom half of the press that is weak for me, the upper half is the easy part. If i get stuck its about 4 or 5 inches off my chest.

I would try setting the pins about an inch or so below your sticking point and go from there. Board presses would also be a good option.

Bands will help. elitefts has the info and bands you need. The bands are attached to dbls on the floor the slung over the ends of the bar in such a way that they are tight at lockout or just before, thus adding weight at the middle/top of the ROM. It seems backwards at first but it teaches you to explode off the chest in order to be able to lock out the extra “weight”. If you press slowly, you will NEVER lock out! Also setting the pins at chest level so you press from the bottom up works well. You simply adjust the load to your off-chest 3rm and build up from there. Start at 50% of your normal max, then 60% 65% etc. When you can press a 85-90% or you best full bench, your new max should be much higher. What you are doing is purposely traing at a disadvantage. Then when you add in the STRENGTH SHORTENING CYCLE (ie: normal press from top) you’ll be at an ADVANTAGE! Kicking you PR up a notch.