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Pinky Finger and 531 AMRAPs

2 questions that are not related, I don’t think?

  1. Lately, during deadlifts, my pinky fingers on both hands hurt when lifting.
    What could be the reason for this? Just general grip strength? Wrong grip?

  2. 5/3/1 AMRAPs
    When you do various reps but you set up again after each one, does it still count?
    For example today, I had to deadlift 220lbs for AMRAP.
    However, in order to do many reps, I have to reset every lift; so i got 12, but are those 12 reps or 12 individual reps really?

I assume the reset was only a few seconds, if it took like 3 minutes to complete the set then you may be talking about something else and ignore below.

That is a legitimate way of doing deadlifts, for the program as long as you are consistent it counts as 12 reps. By consistent I mean you do it the same way week after week, if you start out not resetting then slowly transition to that months later when the weight gets too heavy so you get the same reps, that’s not consistent.

Is there a reason your doing this vs using less weight and not resetting? Your wording implies you MUST do “many reps”, but the program does not.

Possibly grip strength. Does it feel like they’re getting pulled open? That would suggest grip strength. Heavy dumbbell rows for high reps tend to fix that. Using Fat Gripz on stuff like lat pull-downs has helped me recently as well.

You mean FSL set or plus sets? Plus sets aren’t AMRAP sets, you should leave one or two reps in the tank.

Sufiandy is right in that if you reset quickly between reps (say maybe 5-7 seconds) and that’s consistently how you pull for reps, it’s fine. Any longer rests and you’re basically doing cluster sets which is different.

I would recommend trying to learn how to pull without resets though, although it isn’t essential.

Correct again. If you can’t hit more than the minimum prescribed reps on your plus set without those resets, you’ve stalled and it’s time to move your TM back about three cycles.

Does it feel like they’re getting pulled open? That would suggest grip strength.
No, it feels more like the left part of my nail is digging into the finger; which hurts.

Regarding AMRAPs, its the very last set of the actual sets.
Does that make sense? I know the minimum of reps for that particular set are fine, but since the app calculates x reps would beat the previous round, I cannot help myself and try to beat myself.
It is only a short reset, its not pull…wait a minute…pull again…its more so to get my set up in order again and get everything tight again.
I did some reasearch after I posted and it seemed that what I am doing is fine because, as you state, its not an actual pause but more of a quick reset in between.

I wouldn’t worry then. Maybe tape over the nail?

If you haven’t read the book, it makes sense. If you have read the book, it doesn’t because the plus set (which I guess you’re referring to) isn’t an AMRAP set. I would highly recommend buying the book. It’s about $10 on Amazon.

I have read the book and it says the following:
“The Last Set
Whichever option you choose, you’ll notice that the last set of the day reads, “or more reps.” This is where the fun begins. The last set of the day is the all-out set. You’ll be going for as many reps as possible.”

For example today was Military Press warm up and then the actual sets, so in my case today:
50x3, 60x3, and then 3+x65 so i got 8x65.
That is the AMRAPs I am referring to.

Got you. I mentioned that because a lot of people get confused and hit the plus set way too hard and go to failure.

All good. After I replied I kept thinking about your “plus set” and realized we are both talking about the same thing in the end, I just had never heard plus set. I always just heard AMRAP.

Anyways, thank you for your replies! It helped me understand that I am doing it correctly after all.
I dont go to complete failure in that set, there might be one more wobbly rep in the tank…If form is off, I don’t count it.


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