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Pink T-Shirts for Men?


What do you think of pink T-shirts?


This summer it was trendy to wear pink polos here in Italy, I had one.
But I know it might look kinda gay in other countries....I don't know in the USA




For some reason, I come to like Pink Tees. It was probably because a powerlifter that I look up to wore a pink T-shirt when he was competing in the Nationals.


I think that it is one of the reasons why I like them. Wearing something that looks gay even if your a powerlifter (problably with more muscles then average Joe) and quite the opposite of a gay man.


I don't mind wearing pink. I think it's fine if you still look like a man. (If you are one.)


So any good links to were I can buy cool pink Tees?


If you pop the collar of a pink shirt, it's gay. It shouldn't be bright, neon green either.


Oh. T-shirts? Yeah, that's hella gay.


I saw a huge guy at a bar once wearing a pink tee that said "dont laugh this is your girlfriends shirt". Thats the only time i thought it was cool.




Wouldn't it be cool if it was written "Hug me" all over it?


yes,pink t-shirts are just totally gay beyond every acceptable limit... LOL
But pink polos are OK !


Polos are to gay to mention but T-shirts are okej :smiley:


(yawn) Pink is only for trend seeking men.


It don't matter if it's a tshirt or a polo, if you want to look badass you gotta match it with PINK shoes


i think its kind of funny if a big guy wears pink shirt for irony-very seldom-. Yet just wearing pink thinkings its fine? yeah thats gay.




Pink polos have been trendy in the US for a few years now. I'm pretty sure they were trendy in the 80's too.

My opinion is that pink is just another color. It looks good, especially with a tan and khaki colored shorts in the summer time.

Colors aren't gay at all. If you wore a shirt with two dudes butt fucking on it, that would be gay.

If you like pink, wear it.


Can't be much gayer than my purple TaeKwonDo t-shirts.