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Pinion - New Updated Labs

Your doctor apparently suffers from recto-cranial inversion. Try not to catch it!

I would split the next shots up into twice a week if you can. If the doc won’t source AI or HCG then source it yourself. If your nuts don’t shrink and hurt then the HCG isn’t essential. My nuts shriveled up terribly on Testim and the HCG really was nice for making my nuts hang low again without pain.

Thanks, Ptownmike. He would give me the HCG without any problem, I just couldn’t have the T to go with it. Makes no sense. I guess he’d rather cause me more problems by shutting down my nuts completely, than help with both issues.

Any ideas on trusted sources?

Sorry my doctor prescribes the HCG so I can’t help with an online source. If you search around I looks like there are some pretty good research chemical places. Maybe PM someone that has posted about getting the stuff from research chemical places online to find their source.

Posting this here instead of the other thread. Search for “Question on Peak and Trough Testing” for more info.

Finally received my test results for the peak and trough levels.

After 2 months of TRT (200mg/ml, .25ml, twice a week, SC):

Peak levels (drawn on 12-27-12):
TT: 260 ng/dl 348-1197
FT: 9.8 pg/ml 6.8-21.5

E2: <20.00 pg/ml <20-47

PSA: 0.81 ng/dl 0.00-4.00

HGB: 16.3 g/dl 12.9-16.1
HCT: 48.4% 37.7-46.5
MCV: 99.3 79.3-94.8
MCH: 33.4 pg 26.8-33.2
MPV: 11.3 7.5-10.7

Trough levels (drawn on 1-2-13):

TT: 122 ng/dl 348-1197
FT: 4.8 pg/ml 6.8-21.5

Endo is concerned over the high blood counts (especially HGB & HCT) and wants to follow up in 2 months. No new dosage recommendation.

I’m back on the injections. I don’t seem to be responding very much to the T. I did start to feel a little better right before the testing, but the levels didn’t seem to be going up very much though.

Also, what do I do about the blood counts? Endo didn’t really give any ideas.

Any advice?

Are you dehydrated for the labs?

Some are hyper metabolizers of T. Reasons not understood. Guys have to inject a lot more.

HTC is fine! Wondering if serum iron or ferritin[yes] are high. No blood count from before TRT?

TRT can thicken the blood and if you need high doses that might be an issue.

With low TT and moderate FT, SHBG may be low and that can imply insulin resistance

We know that you are primary from low T and high LH/FSH, but now that we know that you are a hyper metabolizer of T, we might assume that your testes were working fine and your natural T was suffering from the same fate as the injected T

Thyroid problems and [insulin resistance | diabetes ] can decrease SHBG. That is something that you can research with your doc.