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Ping Trailer36 -- Fina Transdermal

Trailer, on your Fina transdermal question, basically I’m not in favor of it compared to injection because it’s inefficient. I expect at least half of the material is lost. It is possible that the losses are far more, but I think that is possible to avoid.

The old DMSO method is I think not very good and if nothing else will give you “DMSO-breath.”

If one doesn’t mind the waste, though, a rather good and simple method is simply what was the progenitor of Androsol, namely trenbolone acetate delivered the same way.

It unfortunately winds up being stickier than Androsol, so likely you would want to apply only to the arms, but it works pretty well.

I don’t remember the concentration for a certainty but it was most likely 25 mg/mL into absolute alcohol or pure isopropyl alcohol, and about 2-3 mL by fine spray 3x/day over as wide a surface as possible each time, a very light misting.

Actually the highest apparent blood trenbolone concentrations I ever had, as judged by the psychotropic effect of trenbolone, was from this method though with an idiotic amount of trenbolone used (what happened was that I had some leavings from a recrystallization and decided that rather than let them go to waste, to spread it on my arms. I really did not expect delivery anywhere near what must actually have occurred!)

Anyway, to do a transdermal of Fina, that’s how I would do it.

Residue that does not dissolve into the alcohol but settles to the bottom is not trenbolonc acetate and need not be applied.